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"Hi Debbie, we’re new to Colorado and want to know what is going on in the areas near us, I just signed up, thank you for putting together info that is so helpful to everyone.  You are a champ."

     ~ Judie, new resident

"Thank you for the wonderfully designed information about the garden club and Seniors' Council.  Another great newsletter -- I always get ideas of things to do and places to support.  Happy Spring!

     ~ Jean Spahr, Douglas County Garden Club & Seniors' Council of Douglas County

"Debbie, I wanted to thank you.  Although you may hear this often, I wanted to be sure you heard this from me. Thank you for the time and energy you pour into your newsletter.  I moved to Castle Rock in August 2023 from Indiana, where I have spent 98% of my life. To learn a new area, new state and meet new people has been so exciting. Your newsletter has been a wonderful gift. I wish I could do ALL the activities you list, meet all the upstanding citizens you mention and embrace all of Colorado and Douglas County…baby steps. Step one. Thank Debbie for being a gift."

     ~ Karrie S., new Castle Rock resident

"I am so thankful for all your support and community outreach as we get our little farm going. It’s people like you who keep me feeling encouraged!"

     ~ Mary Margaret, Plum Valley Flower Farm

"So much good information and so love getting your newsletter, we appreciated your time putting it all together, very helpful."

     ~ Sandy K., Meadows resident 

"Hey Debbie, I thought I'd let you know I've picked up a new client from my last ad & article!"   

    ~ Janell Ball, Pro Accounting & Tax Services

"Debbie, I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your generous support in promoting Going Badger’s free self-defense seminars for Douglas County women in your newsletter. The response was so overwhelming that within two days we went from scheduling one seminar to requiring four in order to accommodate the interest generated by your announcement. The sense of community shown by both you for promoting and Dignity Memorial for hosting the events speak volumes about each of your investment in Douglas County’s well-being."

     ~ Jeff Norman GySgt USMC Ret, Going Badger Self-Defense Seminars

"Recently my website got so many more hits than usual, then I realized it was on the 1st of the month, the same day my ad and article came out in your newsletter. So that was a nice surprise!" 

     ~ Cyndi Marty, CMPillows


"Well, this is one heck of a great newsletter……I’ll share with all on our team.  Thanks for the nice blurb for the hospital, but really great job in covering the community.  Best of luck in growing it even more, and I’ll be sure to pass along to my neighbors as well."

     ~ Rick E., Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

"AreaNewsletters has been a staple here in Castle Rock for years and for good reason: event listings, business ads and features, and the best customer service around. Debbie Davis goes out of her way to make sure the local businesses are represented and featured in ways no one else offers. And for readers, there's no better place to stay up to date and on top of everything Castle Rock. AreaNewsletters ROCKS!"

     ~ K.C. Neel, Castle Rock Bike & Ski

"We greatly appreciate your continued advocacy of the Foundation and our efforts to support Douglas County students, teachers and schools. AreaNewsletters is a huge help in getting the word out to our community about our annual school supply drives, fundraising events, grant and scholarship opportunities, community events, and more. Thanks for producing and providing a very helpful and comprehensive community resource!"

     ~ Stacey Briggs, The Foundation for Douglas County Schools

"Thank you for making our company shine! Your expertise in design, adjustments and input on our ads has been awesome.  We greatly value your professionalism, patience and relationship."

     ~ Glenn McWilliams and Sean R. Souza, GarageCondos


"Thanks for continuing to provide this newsletter, it’s so helpful."

     ~ Char, Woodlands resident

"Thank you, Debbie!  You are wonderful for always helping me with this.  Last year, we broke our all-time record of shoebox collection in the Douglas County area because of efforts like yours.  Bless you!"

     ~ Deborah DeGroff, Operation Christmas Child

'Debbie, every time I go into your publication, I’m amazed at how it moves and how beautiful it is. Awesome!"

     ~ Stacey, Castle Rock resident

"I love your paper but never knew where to find it? I've just used the QR code to Subscribe so I'll now get it each time it comes out. I really do appreciate it and the businesses that advertise with you."

     ~ Cindy, Plum Creek resident

"Thank you so much for the AreaNewsletter. Always enjoy looking at all the great information and receiving it each month. I love the History page."

     ~ Sandy K, Castle Rock resident 

"I just read the article on Castlewood Canyon Dam in the Castle Rock AreaNewsletters and learned a lot of facts that I'd never encountered before, thanks to Lora Thomas! It was very interesting and I appreciate you getting the word out about what a cool place Castlewood is.

     ~ Brent L., Castlewood Canyon State Park 

"Thanks for getting my info in your newsletter, it looks great! I'll be sure to keep directing Castle Rock residents to this wonderful resource."

     ~ Michelle, Learn Together Home School

"I just learned about your newsletter from our neighbor.  He forwarded it to me. Can you please put me on your list to receive your newsletter monthly?  Such a great service! Thank you."
    ~ Marykay J., Castle Rock resident

"Your newsletter is really easy to use, especially the SEARCH is useful. People will realize how powerful your newsletter is once they take the time to flip through and see the features."

     ~ Dave Watts, ForRentByOwner


"Thank you so much, I enjoy looking at your monthly Newsletter. Lots of great information."

     ~ Sandy K., Meadows resident

"I just want to say what a marvelous publication you have put together! Its format is user-friendly, info-packed and colorful!

     ~ Julie B., Zonta Club of Douglas County


"Debbie is great to work with! She is proactive about helping her advertisers be successful and provides relevant content for her subscribers."

     ~ Jorge, Hermes Worldwide

"Still enjoying your online publication."
     ~ Guy, Castle Pines resident

"Debbie, we want to thank you for your care and support, you are always there for your customers, always staying in touch with us. It’s truly a real pleasure advertising with you in your online Castle Rock AreaNewsletters

     ~ Curtis & Michele, Mimi's Carpet Care


"Thank you for your consistency and encouragement with your newsletter! I love working with you this past year... and enjoy reading up on everything in our town!"

     ~ Dawn Gabriel, Authentic Connections Counseling Center


"Oh my word!  Debbie, you are terrific!  You put a lot of time in to our ad and it shows. I couldn't be more excited about this!!! It is perfect"

    ~ Deborah D., Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child

"I love your publication. It is so informative. Much better than most I have seen.  Thanks."

    ~ Ree T., resident

"The newsletter looks fabulous as always. Thanks so much for continuing to promote my business and work so hard to get the word out for me."

     ~ Chris J., The Good Fairy

"Debbie, Thank you for supporting the Castle Rock Community with your publication!"

    ~ Carrie Martin, Town of Castle Rock Community Relations Specialist

"Thanks for the newsletter, it is very informative and I like to see what is happening in Castle Rock."

    ~ Jeff L., Sedalia resident, formerly in The Meadows

"I want to compliment you on your online publication. It’s well done, informative and easy to navigate. I wanted to let you know I appreciate your publication."
    ~ Guy, Castle Pines business owner


"We got a referral this morning for our ad in the newsletter! It’s working already. We are new to the newsletter and we are happy clients! Thanks 🙏🏼 so much’

     ~ Julie Gibbons, Castle Pines Remodeling

"Thanks for all you do. I love your newsletter!"

      ~ Ginger D., The Meadows resident

"What a jam-packed beautiful issue. Thank you SO MUCH for our article and ad. Our classes are almost always full now and I know it's due to publications like yours and yours specifically.  THANK YOU SO MUCH."

     ~ Judy and the team at Lessons and Lemonade

"I’m so excited...  we have missed so many things in Castle Rock because we didn’t see an ad or info.  I'm so excited I now know about this.  Thanks for doing the newsletter!!"   

     ~ Dana, new subscriber 

"I was very impressed by this November issue of Castle Rock" AreaNewsletters". During the holidays I love everything from shopping with our local merchants, attending the Christmas Craft Fairs and Castle Rocks very own "Lighting of the Star". Debbie Davis has spent hours gathering the information and putting all this information together for us and; best of all it is just a click a way. What better way to keep up on your local events and support the small businesses of Castle Rock! Be sure to sign up today for your very own special edition delivered right to your inbox!

     ~ Joy Ross, Travel Journeys

"Thank you for keeping the community informed - it certainly benefits our home town."

     ~ John Anderson, ret. Police Commander, Castle Rock Police Dept.

"I've been following your newsletter for about 10 years now, always full of easy-access info and referrals to local businesses." 

     ~ Jane A., Castle Rock resident

"Thank you for this month's issue. I know this is no small task, and it has a positive impact on our community!"

     ~ Katie B., Castle Rock resident

"The newsletter is nicely done!  Although I miss getting my old colorful paper one ;)  this makes it much easier to keep up with the unbelievable fast growth of business and events!!!"
     ~ Cris, Castle Rock resident


"I really enjoy reading your “AreaNewsletter”.  I get to find out all the fun and interesting activities going on in the area.  Your newsletter is the only one that I know of that has all this information.  I appreciate all you do and your hard work for us Douglas County residents."

     ~ Susan C., Douglas County resident

"Thank you for your support of Rotary Club of Castle Rock, Debbie. I have enjoyed the publication myself. Have a great day and we will see you on the 24th when you pick up your peaches.

     ~ Craig, Rotary Club of Castle Rock

"I like AreaNewsletters for the latest information on local businesses and events! No matter what business you are in need of, there are resources in the newsletters."
     ~ Nicole McG, Castle Valley neighborhood

"AreaNewsletter helps me connect with my community, supports local and keep my family active and involved.  I appreciate the diversity of vendors and articles."

     ~ Katie B, resident

"Hi Debbie,  I love your newsletter. I have recently moved to Castle Rock and find it very helpful and valuable."

     ~ Donna L, resident

"Hi Debbie, I want to thank you for the great job you do with the newsletters!  I appreciate all the work you put into this."                     ~ Regards, Pat W., resident

"I just unsubscribed to the newsletter and wanted to explain why - we no longer live in Castle Rock, officially moved away to North Carolina.  I will contact the people who bought our home so they can subscribe to the newsletter as I think it will be very helpful to them especially being new to the neighborhood. Thank you for the many years you have provided us with your newsletter!  I truly enjoyed and always looked forward to reading the articles, advertising, and just getting to know the neighborhood each month.  I will certainly miss that."

     ~ Daniela T.

"Being fairly new to Castle Rock, AreaNewsletters is my go to source for fun things to do!"  
     ~ Maureen B., new Castle Rock resident

"What I really like about the Castle Rock AreaNewsletters is that it keeps me informed of all the activities and events going on. I especially appreciate it since I have kids and there are resources for them as well."

     ~ Laura G., Founders Village resident

"Debbie, thank you for making additional design adjustments on our ad.  I value and appreciate all that you and your team does to turn out an excellent product.  My best,"
     ~ Victoria, 
Church of Pentecost

"I love AreaNewsletters because it contains tons of information about what is going on in Castle Rock and the surrounding area without being overwhelming. The layout and graphics are organized in a visually pleasing way, which also benefits my oldest kiddo who is visually impaired - she can pick out some of the details because of the colors used and how they are contrasted with other colors. I enjoy the spread of articles, even the ones that don't necessarily apply to me at the specific time, because they are short reads, which again makes them not overwhelming and allows me to actually read them and save that information for later on when it is applicable to me (like the travel insurance article in this month's issue). Thank you for such a wonderful newsletter!"
     ~ Julie D., Castlewood Ranch resident

"Thanks for doing so much to help CRCGS spread the word. We have welcomed a few visitors who heard about us from your newsletter...... that is GREAT!"

     ~ Susan S., Castle Rock Genealogical Society

"Debbie, we've had more students than ever from Castle Rock and surrounding areas this year and all our classes have been full with wait lists. I know this is due to your excellent coverage."

      ~ Judy Pendleton, Lessons & Lemonade, Parker Artists Guild


"Thank you for your partnership with the E-Recycle fundraiser.  The event was a great success because of your help and support."

     ~ Irene B., Keller Williams Executives


"We are really pleased with your product and wish we had the resources to do more.  Thanks so much!

     ~ Victoria, Church of Pentecost

"I just booked a big package for someone who saw my ad last month and also got a new lead from the latest issue!

You do a TERRIFIC job with putting these articles together for your advertisers each month! I love reading about the local business's in Castle Rock and supporting them with their business. Thank you."

     ~ Joy, Travel Journeys

"Thank you for all the great years of advertising for our company. It helped us a lot for the many years."

     ~ Paula N., Fraternal Order of the Eagles

"Thanks AreaNewsletters for sponsoring our First Annual Huskies Howl-O-Ween 5K and Fun Run this year. This first event turned out great! We plan to continue to hold it annually and build on it each year."

     ~ DCHS Academic & Athletic Association  

"Debbie, we want to say “thank You” for helping us get the word out to our community about the “Chili Cook Off for our Home Town Heroes.”  Thank you for your dedication to servicing our community and honoring our Policemen and Sheriffs in Douglas County.  You have made a positive difference!" 

     ~ The Elks of Douglas County

"Wonderful job Debbie. I have missed having this delivered to our house for a long time, and didn't know where to look for it. I am thrilled to see it again!"

     ~ Sandi L., Castle Rock resident


"Thanks for your newsletter, it keeps me involved with what's going on in the community. I like seeing the business ads and events that are happening in the area. I love taking my kids to the events that I find out about in the newsletter."

     ~ Laura G., Founders resident


"What do I like about the Castle Rock AreaNewsletter? Lots of things! The newsletter contains a ton of information about the happenings in Castle Rock. It's always fun to peruse the classifieds and see what people are selling. In the past, I've actually used it to find a great babysitter. I always find information in there that I don't see other places, especially about events going on and about local businesses. I've literally learned about local businesses that I never knew existed simply because they have an ad in. So, I can't pick just one thing that I like about it."

     ~ Julie D., Castlewood Ranch resident

"AreaNewsletters is a great way for all the local people to see what local businesses they can be supporting that they may not otherwise know about. There are a lot of great businesses and services listed!"

     ~ Jaime A., Castle Rock resident aka BananaMama

"I've obtained many wonderful preschool families through your publication. Thank you for the years of advertising and service to families. You are wonderful!" 

     ~ Debra G., Alphabet Adventure Academy, Founders Village

"Our Board of Directors met this morning and especially noted how terrific your newsletters are and how grateful we are for our information being published. Our membership is ‘up’ and we attribute that to our events and activities being generously distributed through publications like yours."

     ~ Castle Rock Genealogical Society

"You did such an amazing job for us on the ad and the article. Thank you so very much.  We appreciate your expertise.

I love your newsletter and look forward to the next issue of informative, insightful, engaging and fun information.

I never would have believed, that in my lifetime, I would read magazines / newsletters, etc. on line.  Who knew?"

    ~ Paula, from the Joe Thielen Agency, Farmers Insurance


"I absolutely LOVE receiving your newsletters every month and can't wait to read them!"

      ~ Sandi B., Glovers Park resident, Castle Rock

"I just booked a group cruise off of my ad in your newsletter (yeah!) "

     ~ Joy, Travel Journeys

"I love reading my monthly AreaNewsletter! I look forward to it every month. I can't wait to be a part of this awesome newsletter!"

     ~ Michele Johns Photography


"I think your Newsletter looks spectacular! Love what you've done, neat and informative and very convenient to go to their sites... AWESOME work Debbie, keep on keepin' on."

     ~ Julie C., graphic designer

"What a great publication! It really shows dedication to the Castle Rock community and effort to see Castle Rock thrive and grow. I sent it to my friends in Castle Rock ~ teachers, educators, professionals and stay-at-home professionals. Wishing you much success!"

     ~ Sheila B., former Castle Rock resident

"We so appreciate your newsletter publication and its service to the community. Many of our board see it and are grateful for your inclusion of our society's information."

     ~ Susan S., Castle Rock Genealogical Society 

"I have been receiving your newsletter and read it just to keep up with what’s going on in Castle Rock, as I used to live in Castle Pines Village and Castle Rock North for over 10 years. I love your Newsletter and wish we had one here in Lafayette! What a great local resource."

     ~ Lisa E., former Castle Rock resident

"This is a great source of information on events and local businesses. And no trees are harmed. Go ahead check them out and sign up; you'll be glad you did!"

     ~ Charlotte M., The Village at Castle Pines

"Castle Rock AreaNewsletters is a great source of information on upcoming community events and other local information - it's a digital newsletter in full color."

     ~ Heather Marks, Creative Custom Interiors

"Very helpful and friendly! This newsletter is a great resource to get information in front of others."

     ~ Daniela T., Sapphire Pointe resident

"I just want to tell you how much I like your online newsletter.  I didn't think I would like getting it on the Internet, but I've changed my mind.  It's wonderful!  It took me awhile to figure out how to make the print larger, but once I did is so easy!"

     ~ Marilyn L., Woodlands resident

"I am already signed up for your newsletter, and I love it. Very informative about what is taking place in town, thanks!"
     ~ Byn, Castle Rock resident

"Just wanted to say thank you for your newsletter, it's cool!"  Best regards.

     ~ Myke S., resident

"Debbie is great at communicating each month with the newsletter, it's always a source for great information."

     ~ Nancy S., Founders resident

"I've received more response from the coupon on my ads in your newsletter than any others I've put out there."

     ~ Ray Guth, Briccys Coffee

"I just want to let you know that you are doing such a fantastic job with the newsletter. It is beautiful and gets better each time I receive it. You really are putting a tremendous effort into it. In time it will be a HUGE success. It takes time to grow anything and try something new."

     ~ Joy Ross, Travel Journeys


"I’ve always enjoyed reading the AreaNewsletters in print, but now that it is online I am super thrilled. You've always done very professional work, and this is no different. Thanks for making it so easy to take along wherever I go."

     ~Shurette Reither, Reither Construction


"Looks great now Debbie, I always loved that paper."

     ~ Bonnie, resident


"I'm doing marketing for a business in town. The owner thinks what you're doing with the newsletter is great work and we'd like to get something going with you!"

     ~ Austin L, regarding Paragon at The Barn


"Thank you so much for the kind post about 212 Pizza! That was awesome... and for your support and work to help us advertise!"

     ~ Jana, owner, 212 Pizza Co.


"Deb - Your digital newsletter is awesome! I love the interactivity with links. Very cool!"

     ~ Phaelixe, resident & business owner



"Your team has outdone itself! It will be very difficult to choose which ad design, I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks for branding us with style."

     ~ Victoria, Church of Pentecost



"This is a really nice on-line local resource - great job! I'd like to chat about an ad."

     ~ Nadine S., resident


"As always, wonderful job with the Newsletter. I'm thankful it's still around. Thank you."

      ~ Michelle B., Castle Rock resident



" These newsletters are such a fantastic resource... all the services people ask others for on some of these local sites, are right here in your newsletters! Thank you, Debbie."

      ~ Jane C., Castle Rock resident


"Signed up tonight! Thanks for offering Newsletters digitally. Being able to save links makes it easier to find a vendor if I need them later."

      ~ Terry C., The Haven resident


"I enjoy the electronic format and how you are integrating video, it is a progressive way to do things. Thank you again for your help with the fundraiser and the update article. I sure appreciate you!"    

      ~ Susan Trost, Live for Colin


"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help to get me connected and find more business."

      ~ Sharilyn M., Refined Writing, editing service


"Everyone who came to our estate sale said they heard about it from the advertising you put out there for us. Whatever you're doing, it's working!! Thank you."

      ~ Dayna O., Meadows resident


"Thanks so much, Debbie! It was the best money ever spent!"

      ~  Tracy, Professional Affordable House Cleaning


"Castle Rock's Area Newsletters, which you have been getting in the mail for the last quarter century, has gone digital! Same awesome information and ads you have been getting every month but now in digital form. Make sure you check it out. Debbie Davis, the genius behind these great communications tools, is totally committed to making sure residents all over Castle Rock are in the loop, informed and entertained."

      ~  K.C. Neel, Castle Rock Bike & Ski


"Debbie, I'm cheering for your success with the conversion to online. Keep my ad in for the online issue!"

      ~  Jim Glasser, Go Green Dry Carpet Cleaning, 720-456-6573


"I think that's AWESOME that you're taking the newsletters digital. I LOVE that, and now our ads will be available in color! Yippee!"

      ~  Dawn Clifton, Hop Rocket


"Debbie Davis puts out the Best newsletter around!"  (via Twitter)

      ~  Hermann L., Castle Rock resident and Chief Business Development Officer



"OMG, Debbie – we’re getting tons of business from your newsletter!"

         ~ George’s Repair Service, 303-263-3561



"I'm very exciting about you "going green" next month.  Sounds like a great thing to do. I have SO appreciated EVERYTHING that you have done for me over the years when it comes to advertising my business & I will continue to recommend you to anyone & everyone that I cross paths with who is looking to advertise their business.  I always tell them what a fabulous job you have done for me in going above and beyond in promoting my business."

      ~  Chris Jarrell, The Good Fairy, 720-244-0460


"The ad is working great, I am so busy right now."

      ~  Garrett Lamdin, GDL Lawns, llc, 720-318-4545


"I just sold my first job from the new ad in your newsletters!"

        ~ Kevin McHugh, Star Floors


“I wanted you to know that I can attribute at least six new client this week to your newsletter.  Thank you.”

        ~ Susan, Dogwood Poop Scoop, 720-771-1282



“AreaNewsletters is easy to work with, prompt, up-to-date on the latest and greatest Marketing Ad avenues, and they have helped Riverstone Education really get our name out to our clients looking for quality education for their preschool student. Debbie's knowledge of the market really helped me fit the needs of the perfect Ad I needed to place for my business. Debbie gave me guidance and an outside perspective that is sometimes needed to correctly guide our business.”

        ~ Kelli D., Principal, Riverstone Education, 303-790-2001



“ Thanks for working with me on my ads, Debbie! It’s because of your newsletters that I have so much work. Thank you for allowing me to publish my ads with you.”

        ~ Pablo K, owner, Sky High Construction, 303-907-6427



“I have placed several ads with Debbie over the past 3 years in the Castle Rock Area Newsletters through various ways and have always had great results. Debbie’s heartfelt dedication as editor of the Newsletters has made an incredible impact on my advertising campaigns. She has always been there to provide me with ideas and guide me along with my marketing.  I highly recommend Debbie to anyone seeking to expand their marketing efforts through advertising.”

        ~ Joy Ross, Travel Journeys, 303-663-0238



“AreaNewsletters has been an effective and affordable medium for Grid Iron Flag Football to reach families in Castle Pines and Castle Rock. We have gotten good response and ROI from our advertising with Area Newsletters, and Debbie has been great and easy to work with. We look forward to continuing to promote our youth sports programs through our partnership with AreaNewsletters!”

        ~ Norm Murdock, Owner/Operator, Grid Iron Flag Football of Douglas County



“You are awesome, thank you again for helping me with my ads. I like what your doing and I will continue running my ad monthly.”

        ~ Patrick Martinez, Family Heritage, 303-503-6977 



"Visiting Angels has advertised in the “AreaNewsletters” for the past 3 years. Your publication is an effective venue for our recruiting efforts --- allowing us to hire quality care providers. We appreciate that you are easy to work with, meeting our expectations and always happy to help."

       ~ Carl Knight, Owner, Visiting Angels, 720-981-0804



" I have had wonderful business success advertising with you. You are great to work with and your pricing is reasonable. As always, when I advertise with you, I fill up. Thank you!"

         ~ Christine S., TCKS Cleaning Services, 303-681-4266



“I’ve sold my items! I get good responses to your ads, I think this Classifieds section must be read all over town!”

         ~ Donna W., Meadows resident



"Debbie, all our Horse Camps are filled up, and I'm still getting calls! Your ads are the BEST!! We are thankful to have your newsletters as a resource."

         ~ Lisa L., Mariah Farms



"I've been a business owner in Castle Rock since 2010 and Area Newsletters has been the only advertising that I have kept since day one.  It keeps my name fresh in front of my current customers and is the kind of repeated advertising that compliments the other marketing programs that I do in the area.  I recently have been advertising for a job opening in my office and I placed an ad in Area Newsletters - it generated more phone calls than any other avenue of advertising.  Thank you Debbie for a quality publication and helping my business grow!"

         ~ Mary MacDonald, former Allstate Agency Owner



"Hi Debbie, just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy receiving the Area Newsletters.  I’m new to the area – and this is packed with information!  Thanks for all your hard work – looks very professional!"

         ~ Shannon H., new Castle Rock resident



"The women I play with have found me/tennis from your ad (most have moved to Castle Rock from outside the state) and are very thankful for that ad - it has created some great friendships and several tennis teams."

         ~ Heather, Tennis Group


"We will not be placing anymore ads for the summer.  The boys have filled the spots they needed because of your newsletter. Thanks."  
       - Sharon,  Vandel Bros. Yard Service



"Debbie, the ad looks great!  Thanks. Also, your newsletter is awesome, nice design and presentation."

         ~ Cheers, Carl Knight, Visiting Angels 


"I read the area newsletter for the first time, it is tastefully done. Thank you ever so much in placing the article to help the mill dog rescue. Thank you for your kind generosity."

         ~ Jane


"I love seeing all the small companies out there and the offers that they have. I also think your newsletters ROCK!!!"

         ~ Evelyn, Web Designer


“I am new to the area and the AreaNewsletter has been very helpful!”
         ~ Kimberly R., new Founders resident


"I LOVE how easy and affordable it is to advertise in your newsletter!"

         ~ Heather S., downtown business owner


"I’ve read the newsletter pretty much cover to cover since we moved to the Meadows 15 years ago! Now I use it for advertising, but have used it to see what’s going on in my neighborhood, around town, and still look forward to it monthly!"

         ~ Betsy N., Preschool


I LOVE that advertising in AreaNewsletters has brought me SEVERAL new clients to my cleaning business!! It is inexpensive advertising and VERY easy to do!! Just send Debbie an e-mail, and she can get you started right away!!

         ~ Michele, Cleaning Service


"I like being up to date on what’s available in the neighborhood."=)

         ~ Fay N., home-based business owner



"I have been advertising since 2011. Debbie makes it simple and quick and affordable. It’s a great resource and Debbie really goes the extra mile for everybody. Thank you!!!"

         ~ Rob, Maintenance



“If there is one thing I always tell folks looking to advertise or new folks in the area - is that they have to connect with you. You are one of the few successful “PR” mainstays in our area, and I always recommend you!”

         ~ Katie D., PR Professional and Trainer/Presenter



“My Classified item sold the first issue it was in! You do a great job Debbie and we enjoy receiving the newsletters every month.”
         ~ Paul S., resident



“I just love Area Newsletters. This publication is full of useful local information, including coupons for local services, and upcoming events.  It's a great resource to keep on hand and refer to when seeking entertainment for the family.  I used the massage coupon and was so happy that I went back a week later!  Thank you Debbie, for distributing this valuable newsletter.”
         ~ Wendy N., resident, small business owner

“Debbie, I want to thank you for the wonderful customer service you recently provided. Our organization decided to place an insert recently. The time you took to walk me through the process, describe the various options available and then work with me to coordinate completion of the task was extraordinary! I particularly appreciated your flexibility when printing/production challenges on our part really pushed the  envelope of your own deadline requirements. I enthusiastically recommend your publications to anyone wishing to communicate with specific segments of our community in a way no other media vehicle can match.”
         ~ Ken K.



“Both Renee and I won our elections ... and we both had inserts in your newsletters!”

         ~ Joe P., candidate



“Thanks much for your help. We saw a lot of traffic from our inserts in your newsletters… this weekend we had an increase in traffic to the (shopping) center on Saturday of 16% vs last year.”
         ~ Lisa Z., Marketing Director

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