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I'd like to run a display ad in the newsletter... what do I do next?

Great! First, decide what SIZE AD best fits your info and budget. Then fill out this Form so we can save ad space for you.  Then email your camera-ready ad to



What do you mean by "camera-ready" ad?

That means you send it to me as a PDF or JPG in color, and in the proper dimensions and designed exactly the way you'd like it to appear in the newsletters.



I don't have the capability to create my own ad. Can you design it for me?

Absolutely, Ad Design services are offered at a very reasonable rate. Provide me with your ad copy, logo, photo, offer, etc. and my designer will work up a beautiful ad for you to proof. If you'd like to make minor changes in future issues, a minor design fee will be charged, if al all, it depends on the extent. 


How do I pay for my ads?

When your invoice is emailed to you, you will see a link to Pay Online through your bank (free); or by credit card (by request). A check in-the-mail still works great, too, written to: "AreaNewsletters", P.O. Box 1422, Castle Rock, CO 80104. Payment is to be received by the Due Date on the invoice.



Do you offer discounted rates for non-profits?

Yes, they get the "12-month" rate even if they only advertise 1-issue.

Why is your newsletter no longer mailed?

With Castle Rock's population exploding, reaching every household is cost prohibitive, and ad rates would have to reflect that. So, to help Mother Earth and my advertisers budgets, having the newsletters online allows it to be available to everyone in town and beyond. Being full-color, interactive, with no page limits also adds to the quality and enjoyment of the publication. 

If I have a last minute change, or would like to get something in at the end of the month, is that possible?

Yes, because of the digital aspect, I can make changes or even add an ad or event right up to the last 2 days of the month before it launches, given there is space available. I can even add things after the issue goes Live if you need it. So, just ask!

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