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About "AreaNewsletters"

Back in 1990, just starting our young family and having come from a publishing background, I saw a need for a neighborhood newsletter in the subdivision we had moved to in '85. It was Founders Village, and we were the 10th buyer.  I compiled my publishing knowledge and in Nov. 1990 the first 8-pager was distributed to the 300 homes there at the time. As it still does today, it featured events, community information, and ads from local businesses, all arranged in a unique, concise, and easy-to-read format. As Castle Rock grew, so did my distribution. The amount of pages increased and printing and mailing was going off the charts. Keeping pace with technology, and with a concern for the ecology, in Nov. 2015 ~ exactly 25 years to the month after the first issue rolled off the presses ~ this newsletter went GREEN or "all-digital", mobile, full color, available to ALL, with interactive features like hot links and videos, Search and Share, all of which made if even more fun to read and to navigate, with lower advertising rates ~ and always FREE to the reader.

To this day it remains a great resource for us long-time residents as well as those new-to-town. Advertisers like the unique option to market their business and events, and appreciate the stability and longevity it has had, as well as the fact that they can link their website or email so readers can reach them directly with a click of a button.

I hope you choose to Sign Up on the FREE email list, so I can start emailing it directly to you each month

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